Yamaha Electric bikes are a novelty on the Canadian market, for 2023. Even though this is a first for Canada, the Japanese manufacturer has several years of experience under its belt: the first electric Yamaha bicycle dates back to 1993. SM Sport is proud to present the all-new 2023 models. If needed, our experts can guide you towards making the best selection for your next bicycle purchase.

As we have mentioned, Yamaha electric bikes have a rich history! The brand has developed its expertise over the last 30 years in order to now offer superior quality models. On top of having designed the very first electric bicycle in the world, the brand also brought forth several innovations throughout the years.

Do you want to become one with your ride? Do you want to maximise your performance and face mountains with confidence? Power Assist Mountain Bikes are perfect for hours of unadulterated fun! And with Yamaha, you can count on tested and true reliability.

In fact, all models the brand offers come with an advantageous warranty, which truly works as a testament to their quality.

Mostly, what will seduce you the most are the remarkable performance levels these 2023 Yamaha electric bikes offer. No matter if you choose the YDX-Moro 05 or the even more performant YDX-Moro 07, you can certainly expect an adrenaline rush.

These bikes are equipped with a powerful –yet light- motor, on top of providing you with the ideal gravity center. There are several assistance modes offered that allow you to adapt to the trails, or your driving style. No matter if you are looking to save on battery power or to maximise on performance, Yamaha E-Bikes will allow you to customize your experience.

Moreover, the Power Assist reduces automatically when you accelerate and takes over when you need it. This way, you can customize your levels of physical effort in a natural way, so that you can spend even more time outside!

Take your adventures as far as you want them to go on mountain trails with Yamaha bicycles. Would you like to understand the differences between the different models? Take a look at our spec sheets or ask one of our team members for advice.

SM Sport, your dealership in Quebec city, is proud to offer Yamaha E-Bikes. Our team of passionate experts can provide you with all of the information you need and guide you toward the best possible model to suit your needs! Learn more about how to choose your e-bike on our blog!

Financing plans are also available, and will allow you to purchase the bicycle that truly matches your style. We are looking forward to helping you!