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FrogzSkin Vents are the newest technology in engineered intake and cooling vents. Their Patent Pending design produces a thin flexible OEM looking vent that can be applied to most any contoured or curved surface. FrogzSkin’s manufacturing process utilizes the latest technology in Micro-Fiber materials. Woven to specific quality standards allowing maximum air-flow and hydrophobic characteristic to repel water and snow. Industrial grade adhesive, tested in excess of -40F, are used to meet the demanding requirements of the aftermarket and OEM manufacturers.

FrogzSkin’s Universal Kits can be used in multiple locations, in combination with multiple sizes or model specific kits to maximize cooling airflow.

FrogzSkin’s model specific Nose Vent kit designs allow air-flow to reduce the power robbing under-hood heat from building up all while keeping out snow and debris. Virtually eliminating the heavy snow and ice build up in the nose and belly pan. FrogzSkin’s Patent Pending design produces a thin low profile vent that will not catch or entrap snow and debris. No unsightly rivets, screws, snaps or bulky frame works. Industrial grade adhesives allow a fast and easy peel-n-stick application.

FrogzSkin’s open design increases airflow to reduce performance loss due to heat saturation. Clutches run cooler for better performance and improved belt life. Exhaust side vents allow heat to escape and not build up under the hood.

FrogzSkin’s work with the plastic OEM vents to protect from fine powder snow and debris. Ideal for deep snow conditions providing easy and economical protection the looks great! MADE IN THE USA

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