Are you looking for a snowmobile that is both performant and high-quality? A reliable model that will have your adrenaline pumping for years to come? Whether you love a sporty feel, off trail riding or you need the perfect work companion, you will definitely find what you are looking for to fulfill your every need with our 2023-2024 snowmobiles for sale. Find among our wide selection: Polaris snowmobiles, Yamaha snowmobiles and Arctic Cat snowmobiles.

Purchase a new snowmobile in Quebec at SM Sport. We are proud to offer you the best snowmobiles from manufacturers highly reputed for the quality of their vehicles.

You mostly need your snowmobile for work? We have several utility models for you that offer a good carrying capacity, sturdy luggage racks and a trailer hitch. The Yamaha snowmobile Transporter models are a perfect example of this!

If you are looking for more versatility, you can also opt for a recreational/utility model so that you can alternate between work and leisure actives, allowing you to enjoy the snow with the Polaris Voyageur or the Arctic Cat Blast LT.

There are several trail specific models as well for different driver experience levels. Whether you are looking for a lighter model to start, like the Yamaha SXVenom, or a powerful beast like the ZR 9000 Thundercat –an Arctic Cat snowmobile-, you will definitely find the performance you are longing for amongst the three brands we hold in inventory.

As for driver experience levels, we also have several models for youth so that they can transition smoothly into the world of snowmobiles and join you on your adventures! The Polaris 120 Indy, the Yamaha Scoscoot or the Arctic Cat ZR 120 and ZR 200 are perfect light vehicles for beginners to learn on.

If you are looking for adventures with a partner, then you can opt for a 2- passenger snowmobile or purchase a removable seat! You will find everything you need amongst all of the snowmobile accessories and parts we have.

You love to climb mountains and fly down steep hills? You will find exactly what you need amongst our mountain snowmobile models: we hold over 70 different models. These snowmobiles are specially designed to have you riding over deep snow and have the necessary power to drive up steep hills with ease. Amongst the best models, you will find:

  • The Arctic Cat M 8000 Mountain
  • The Polaris Pro RMK
  • The Yamaha Mountain Max
  • And many more!

Snowmobiles with wide tracks are also ideal for deep snow. With Polaris snowmobiles you will find, amongst others, the Indy LXT or the Adventure models, as well as the Titan Adventure.

Finally, for optimal versatility between on and off trail riding, we definitely recommend all-terrain and off-trail snowmobiles, specially designed to face the harshest conditions in full confidence.

Find the perfect snowmobile that meets both your taste and your needs amongst the wide selection of vehicle models we offer at SM Sport in Quebec. Do you need help choosing? Our passionate team of experts is here to guide you!

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