• Stock #: 47585
  • Odometer: 5,574 km
  • Price: $16,995 $14,495

2022 Polaris INDY XC 850

  • Stock #: 48649
  • Odometer: 8,152 km
  • Price: $11,995 $11,495

2022 Polaris PRO RMK 850 SLASH

  • Stock #: 47068
  • Odometer: 1,024 km
  • Price: $15,495 $13,995

2021 Arctic Cat RIOT X 8000 146 ES

  • Stock #: 45536
  • Odometer: 970 km
  • Price: $13,995 $12,495

2021 Arctic Cat 21MCHTRUSR

  • Stock #: 48638
  • Odometer: 705 km
  • Price: $11,995 $10,995

2021 Polaris KHAOS 850 AXYS 165

  • Stock #: 48730
  • Odometer: 1,000 km
  • Price: $10,495 $9,995

2021 Polaris 850 INDY XCR

  • Stock #: 48788
  • Odometer: 3,875 km
  • Price: $9,495 $8,995

2021 Yamaha SX VENOM 121

  • Stock #: 47012
  • Odometer: 250 km
  • Price: $8,695 $7,995

2021 Ski-Doo RENEGADE 900 TURBO

  • Stock #: 47605
  • Odometer: 4,600 km
  • Price: $14,995 $13,995

2020 Polaris 850 INDY XCR 129

  • Stock #: 46800
  • Odometer: 8,960 km
  • Price: $12,495 $11,395

2020 Yamaha SIDEWINDER SRX 137

  • Stock #: 46976
  • Odometer: 9,300 km
  • Price: $15,995 $14,995

2020 Polaris 850 INDY XC

  • Stock #: 48864
  • Odometer: 500 km
  • Price: $9,995

Regardless of if you are a beginner or an extremely seasoned winter driver, we have the perfect used snowmobile for sale for you!  Your SM Sport dealership holds a wide array of used snowmobiles; you are sure to find one for your specific taste and needs!

Take a look at our inventory to find the perfect beast for your winter adventures, whether it is simply to enjoy a sunny winter day or an adrenaline rush off the beaten path!  We have the ideal model for every type of snowmobiler.

Not only do we have a wide selection of used snowmobiles, they are also of very high-quality and will definitely meet your expectations.  Buying used can sometimes prove to be more challenging when you don’t know the vendor or the vehicle’s history.  But by purchasing your used model with us at SM Sport, you can rest assured that you are also buying a quality model.

Our team of passionate experts takes your satisfaction to heart, and we only offer top-quality used snowmobile models.  Moreover, several of these models have very little mileage and will provide you with years of enjoyable adventures!

This is mostly because we get our hands on models from reliable and renowned manufacturers that offer remarkable performance.  Amongst the brands we have in our used inventory catalog, you will find:

  • Yamaha
  • Polaris
  • Arctic Cat
  • Skidoo

You will easily find the perfect model for you!  Moreover, you can also choose to customize your vehicle even further thanks to our parts and accessories section, which offers protection equipment, as well as stylish clothing and other types of accessories as well. Shop online or choose your favorites in person, in Quebec!

Need a little help finding the perfect snowmobile?  Our team of passionate experts will know how to guide you by offering customized financing solutions.  Our snowmobiles are offered at very advantageous prices and on top of that, we also offer advantageous financing solutions!

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Do not hesitate to ask questions by online chat or come and visit us in person so that you can take a look at all of the used snowmobiles we have in inventory in Quebec.  Our team is waiting for you!