An electric bicycle is the perfect companion for quick transportation with little to no effort. But the Surron electric bicycle is much more than that: it is a bicycle with impressive capacities that connect it closely to the motorcycle world.

This young brand was born in 2014 and commercialized its very first model in 2018; and is available in Canada since 2021. This means that it is a novelty on the market here, and the result of a very ingenious design.

Discover the Surron electric bicycle models we have in inventory and find the perfect new electric bicycle for you in Quebec. Various models are available to you!

Good off-road skills

The first model launched by the brand was the Light Bee X, a light and easy to maneuver electric bicycle that was perfect for both youth and more experimented adults. Thanks to a solid build and a DNM, RST or Fastface suspension, it can face the same types of trails a motocross can! It can overcome 45 degree hills with no effort!

There is a smaller version of this first model that was specially made for children over 10 years who love adventure, the Light Bee S, with tires set on 17- inch wheels.

For even more performance and off-road skills, the Storm Bee bicycle will provide you with a high performance system in a forged aluminum frame that is even more robust. Amongst other things, it will offer 4 driving modes, according to your needs:

  • Eco
  • Rain
  • Sport
  • Turbo

It can also help you reach speeds of up to 110 km/hr! With the Surron electric bicycles, loads of fun are accessible to you both on and off the roads! Face the roughest trails, like if you were driving a motocross, but with the agility of a bicycle.

Technology is at the very heart of the brand

System engineers make up a large part of the Surron team and they work together to offer you cutting-edge technologies. The battery is one of them: the Light Bee X, for example, offers an autonomy of up to 100 km, and charging times can be as quick as 2.5 hours!

Moreover, the brand is working on a smart algorithm that analyses your driving data in order to provide you with a customized experience!

With Surron electric bicycles, the adventure is only beginning. Find your own at SM Sport in Vlacartier. Need a hand? We offer financing plans for electric bicycles, according to your needs!

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