If you want to fully enjoy all of the advantages a motorcycle offers but without the disadvantages of fuel, then Zero Motorcycles are the perfect bikes for you! Zero is one of the main manufacturers of electric motorcycles in the world, and was way ahead of everyone, by offering electric bikes as early as 2006. Today, they offer a complete range of performant motorcycles for every situation!

With SM Sport, find the perfect electric bike for you and take a look at our full inventory of new motorcycles in Quebec.

Performance without compromise

Do you believe that electric rhymes with lethargic? Well you are wrong! Zero motorcycles offer generous performance! The manufacturer has built solid experience over the years and offers electric bikes with power that can reach up to 110 horsepower and 140 lb-ft. maximum torque! This is the case with the SR/S and SR/F models.

No matter the model, you can take advantage of instant torque, which is the very first thing electric vehicle drivers love. Electric bikes provide you with outstanding accelerations thanks to performant engines.

You will also enjoy driving electric motocross from the Dualsport range that are light and versatile. They offer several models, some that are very light like the FX ZF and others that are more robust like the DSR and the DS. These off-road models are also just as comfortable off the beaten path as they are on paved roads!

And what about autonomy?

For bikes, just like for cars, consumers are often afraid of running out of autonomy. You don’t need to worry about that with Zero Motorcycles: they offer all of the performance you can dream of.

For example, the DSR ZF 14.4 model is equipped with a 14.4 kWh battery that gives it an autonomy of up to 262 km in the city. Are you still looking for more? The Power Tank offers up to 328 km when it is fully charged, thanks to a total capacity of 18 kWh! The previously mentioned SR/S and SR/F also offer a generous autonomy of up to 310 km.

In short, these models adapt to your needs and your lifestyle. Plug-in motorcycles can also be quickly charged thanks to their quick charging capacities. On some of these models, full charge can be reached in less than one hour!

The Zero Motorcycles models will not let you down. Whether you are looking for a bike for the city or a model that you can take on longer drives or adventures, you will find your future electric bike at SM Sport in Valcartier!

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