Kimpex Piston Replacement Ring Set Fits Polaris


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Piston and Ring Installation:

  • Remember never install chrome rings in chrome plated, nikasil or electrofusion cylinders.
  • Prior to installation, fit each ring into the cylinder bore and measure the end gap to eliminate the chance of ring butting. Acceptable gap range is .010 to .025. If gap is inadequate, carefully file to the recommended specs. See “Piston Clearance Guide”. Clean and lubricate all moving parts with 10W30 oil.
  • Install pistons with the arrow pointing to the exhaust side of the engine (except for few models Polaris where the arrow points toward the magneto side).
  • Install circlips carefully without forcing, bending or turning them. Be sure they seat properly in the grooves and position the openings down.
  • Install rings onto matching pistons. Lubricate and check to be sure the end gaps can be completely closed around the locating pins.
  • Install new base gaskets, compress rings and carefully slide the cylinders down into position. Before installing the cylinder heads, rotate the crankshaft by hand to make sure pistons and rings move freely into cylinder.

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Fits Polaris


597 cc

Bore - Standard

65 mm

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