For over sixty years now, the Arctic Cat American brand has specialized in the manufacturing of motorized vehicles, like ATVs, snow-mobiles and side-by-sides. With Arctic Cat side-by-side vehicles, you can take full advantage of an extremely reliable mechanical concept that can take on the roughest terrain!

A full selection of two-seaters are awaiting you at your SM Sport dealership in Quebec. Find your very own new side-by-side amongst our wide inventory or check out the used models we have in stock.

If you are looking for an Arctic Cat side-by-side that is perfect for work, for wood trails, in the mud or any other type of terrain, the Prowler family will give you all the efficiency you are looking for. With high ground clearance and quality bumpers, these four-wheelers are capable of handling steep and rugged paths with fierce confidence.

Robust and spacious, they also offer several seat options, depending on your needs. Will you be driving alone or with a partner? Or perhaps several people on board? With the Pro Crew models, you can choose amongst double cab configurations that can welcome up to 6- passengers. The interior is very comfortable and protects you from harsher weather conditions.

Amongst other things, you can benefit from very generous cargo space behind rear seats that will allow you to stow all of your personal belonging or tools. Need more? The Prowler Pro vehicles also offer a good towing capacity, while some models even offer the WARN winch as standard equipment.

Take a look at our Arctic Cat side-by-side specs sheets to find out more about the performance they offer! All models are specially designed to be extremely strong and robust, with a solid frame and excellent protection.

If you truly love adventure and a sporty driving experience, the brand also offers the Wildcat family, vehicles with a sporty frame that are specially designed for adrenaline junkies in mind!

With a high-end suspension that combines both more rigid and smoother shock absorbers, they offer a driving experience that is comfortable and solid. They also have a powerful powertrain, which is a true leader in the category with an exclusive CVT system.

Whether you’re driving on or off the road, the Wildcat XX are perfectly adapted to controlled tight turns. Moreover, their sporty style with attractive color combinations will definitely knock your socks off, no matter your taste in the matter!

Your future side-by-side is awaiting you at SM Sport in Valcartier. Contact our team of passionate experts to find out more, or to personalize your financing plan for your side-by-side, by filling up our online form. Our financing plans are well adapted to your financial needs and allow you to choose the model you have your heart set on. Would you like to find out more? A team of professionals is here to answer all of your questions!

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